Thursday, August 19, 2010

A little bit about me, and a disclaimer.

Hello all,
             I'm Stacey, and welcome to my blog.
            Firstly I'd like to tell you all a little bit about myself. I'm a twenty-something college graduate with a BA in Music who has always (since I can remember, anyway) had a passion for makeup. My mother sold Avon when I was a child, and I'm absolutely certain that's where it began. She used to give me the samples that she'd get for her clients, and I'd go nuts with them. In addition to that, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, with all the fun face painting and freedom to look however you want for just one day a year.
             Growing up I was always pretty insecure about myself. I was over-weight, and awkward, and I felt like an outsider about 95% of the time. I went through the "Goth" phase. I liked black, and as a matter of fact, I still do. I wore it all the time, clothes, accessories, makeup, the works. It, oddly enough, made me feel more secure. After being made fun of for 10 years in school, I graduated and left my home town for college. I thought to myself "I can finally be me", and my first semester there I met my boyfriend of (almost) six years. After six bitter years in college, and dozens of doses of bad luck, I am here today as myself. The person who I always knew I was inside. I am a strong woman, who is still over-weight (according to Wii Fit), and more comfortable with myself than I ever have been.  I'd like to pass this on to you.
Makeup is an accessory that should be worn with confidence.

               With all that said and done, I'd like to explain a couple things about what I will be posting here. I will be posting pictures of makeup looks, reviews of products that I think will benefit my readers, and general musings about makeup. I'd love to take requests for looks, product reviews (within reason), and any questions you have.

              The advice and recommendations in this blog are based solely on my opinion and experiences, I am by no means a physician, esthetician, or licensed in any state to practice cosmetology or medicine. If you have serious inquiries I recommend asking your doctor.

Enjoy! ;)

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  1. i used to looove the lipstick samples from AVON! my mom used to get them all the time when the old ladies used to try to sell her stuff lol....and you are right about Halloween...its the one day a year i can be comfy with who i am thats for sure...i think im going to learn a lot about stuff, myself in general, thru ur blog stace, thanks!! i think you should go pro at this makeup teaching thing, you are good at it!!


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