Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frugal & Fabulous: Jesse's Girl Antique Green

Happy Wednesday!
Today I bring you one of many posts about Jesse's Girl. I love their loose eye shadows, and want to share them with you all!
Jesse's Girl Eye Dust Antique Green 2.5g for 4.99$ at Rite Aid.

Antique Green is exactly that, an antiqued shimmery greenish color. It's almost a dirty dark teal, and what this really reminds me of is that cruddy buildup on antique metals. Especially copper. Don't let the description put you off, this is a must have! It swatches true to shade, and morphs when over a dark base. It almost becomes brownish over a sticky black base.

Without Flash
This shadow is very smooth, and easy to work with. I think sometimes people are put off of loose shadows because they seem like more work. I personally love them. I think they are much more flexible than a pressed shadow, and can truly be used for anything.
With Flash
If you give this color a whirl, let me know!
Until next time guys, have a good day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Lip Balms Under 5$ Combined!

Pucker Ups Coconut Lip Balm- 4.2g/.15oz for 1.49$ (On sale for .99 at Sally Beauty)
Chap Stick Apple Cider- 4g/.15oz for .98 at Walmart
Chap Stick Chocolate Truffle- 4g/.15oz for .98 at Walmart
Sooooo, You might be noticing the ounces... Yeah I don't know how 4.2 grams = .15 ounces and 4 grams = .15 ounces at the same time.
Moving on!
Ok, I go on these ridiculous kicks where I buy lip balm like it's the currency of the new world. Either way, the weather has been absurdly brutal in my small part of the world.
Pucker Ups Coconut Lip Balm. These little gems are on sale at Sally Beauty until the end of this month for .99 cents. You really can't beat it! They have a decent assortment of flavors from coconut, watermelon, aloe and pomegranate.
The coconut is my favorite, and is super moisturizing. This has aloe vera and vitamin E in it. The scent is light, so it's not super overwhelming. The product itself is fairly soft, but not so much so it leaves chunks all over your lips. It lasts a long time on my lips, but honestly, I reapply a lot. :-) I just love the smell! 
Chap Stick's Apple Cider is from their seasonal release, but I spotted a ton of these at my local Walmart. I love Chap Stick. I've been using their mint medicated balm for a bazillion years, and I absolutely swear by it. But THIS. Oh my. This is delish! It's a light apple cider smell, again not overwhelming. The product is a little on the stiff side, but works into the lips nicely. Since this balm is a little bit stiffer it lasts longer on the lips. I adore all this fall, as I am a fall baby!
Chap Stick's Chocolate Truffle is also a seasonal product, but again, I saw sooo many of these left over. They also have Candy Cane, but yuck. However, if you love peppermint, you better scoop some! Anyway. The scent on chocolate truffle is like the smell of hot chocolate, not really truffle-y.  This is also a little stiffer, but works nicely into lips, and last a long time.
I apologize for the late post, and I hope that three balms for the price of one blog post makes up for it!
Thank you for reading, and have a good day, guys!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Frugal & Fabulous: Bodycology Fragrance Mist Spiced Caramel Cider

Happy Wednesday!
Bodycology Fragrance Mist Spiced Caramel Cider stats: 3.97$ for 8 fl. oz. of product. Available at Walmart. Bodycology does not test their finished product on animals.
I love body sprays, so when I saw this I was stoked!
This scent is very spicy and sweet, have I mentioned before I like to smell like food? Yeah. ;) There is something slightly creamy and apple scented to this spray as well. I've honestly even used this as a room spray before, it just smells so good!
The scent lasts most of the day, but does fade after about 6 hours. Which is to be expected as it is a body spray, not a perfume. The packaging says it's moisturizing. I can't really attest to that. I used moisturizers when I'm feeling dry and yucky. The ingrdients do have some moisturizing properties, but the first listed is alcohol... so yeah. 
This is still available at my Walmart, so if you see this you might want to grab it as it will probably be replaced soon!
Thank you for joining me for another installment of Frugal & Fabulous! Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Frugal & Fabulous: Bodycology Vanilla Cupcake Nourishing Body Cream

Happy Wednesday!
Bodycology's Vanilla Cupcake Nourishing Body Cream Stats: 3.97$ for 8oz. of product and is available at Walmart. Bodycology does not test their finished product on animals.
This. Lotion. Is. Divine.
No really, this smells exactly like vanilla frosted cupcakes. There is a slight synthetic sugary smell to it, but after it has been on your skin and smoothed in it doesn't retain much of the synthetic scent.
Overall this cream is very moisturizing, and makes my hands so so soft. It's thick and creamy, and the scent is a huge bonus. I love smelling like food! Is that weird? Oh well. :P
The ingredients contain natural oils and butters, but as with most things, there are some man made properties to this product. Honestly, that isn't something that deters me from a product, but with items like this I will have images of the ingredient listing for anyone interested in it.
I'm not 100% sure if this is limited or not, it's gone from my Walmart, but to be honest, it's always a mess there anyway. So if you can get your hot dry ands on a tube of this, I highly recommend it!
Thank you for joining me for another edition of Frugal & Fabulous! Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frugal & Fabulous: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

Welcome to my first installment of Frugal & Fabulous!
These posts will essentially be mini-reviews of things that I love that will only set you back 5$ or less!
The first product I'd like to cover with you is Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone Palette. This drugstore gem is 4.99$ at most retailers (and is cheaper at places like Walmart). And let's be serious, eight eyeshadows for five bucks is a steal to say the least. You get 8.5g/.3oz. of product.
I'll cover the shades left to right, top to bottom.
The first color is a light peachy champagne with subtle shimmer. This is marked as "Browbone" and I do use it in that area, but it does make for a nice wash over the entire lid.
Next is a silvery taupe shade that has a shimmer sheen to it, this is also marked as "Browbone". Now, unless you're very dark complected, I would not reccommend this for your browbone. This is one of my favorite shades in the palette.
The next shade is a light/medium goldy peachy shade. This is also shimmery, and is marked "Eyelid".
Next is a light mossy green with subtle silver shimmer. Marked also as "Eyelid", this would be a gorgeous wash of color all over the lid.
The first "Crease" shade is a light creamy brown that reminds me of coffee with milk in it. This is shimmery, and velvety.
The second "Crease" shade is a dark golden olive-y green with a lot of sparkle. LOVE this shade. This does best over a primer and a sticky base.
Next up is a "Definer" shade and it's a reddened chocolate brown with a lot of sparkle, similar to the last shade. I also LOVE this color. Go figure. ;) This also does best over a primer and sticky base.
Lastly we have the second "Definer" shade and this is a brown with a blue-green duochrome. This is a dupe for MAC's Club eyeshadow. It's a very interesting shade to work with, and can seem daunting, but it's totally gorgeous and would be bangin' on blue eyes.
Alright! That concludes my first installment! I'd like as much feedback as possible about the formatting and content! Thanks for reading all, and have a great day!