Sunday, September 5, 2010

You know, I wish that I had......

Jesse's Girl!!

I'd like to review one my most favorite drugstore products on this earth; Jesse's Girl Loose Eye shadows. These retail for about $3.99 for 2.5 grams of product. These are highly underrated products that are easily accessible!

The first thing that I want to address is I own nine of these eye shadows, and four of them are the new packaging. What this means is, the five older eye shadows lack a sifter. In the new packaging they added a sifter, and since these are loose eye shadows, I greatly appreciated that addition.

The second thing I want to mention is that my old colors have no names on the packaging. So I cannot provide you with the names, and I am not sure that they still carry these colors.

The third and last thing is, they seemed to have improved their formula (for the better) between changing their packaging, and I appreciate that too.


When I first bought these I got them home and immediately tried them out. I was seriously disappointed. All I got was a crappy wash of shimmery color over my lid. A couple colors worked fabulously so I stuck with those and set the other colors to the side for a year or so.

And then I found out....

These eye shadows are fairly pigmented on their own. However, I prefer to use them with a sticky base such as a MAC paintpot, a concealer, an NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil, or any other creamy product. This helps the color payoff to be much greater than it is on their own. I know it kind of sounds like a pain in the butt, but believe you me, it's TOTALLY worth it.

The texture of the shadows is great, they blend amazingly. They are some of the smoothest drugstore eye shadows I have ever used. The old formula was OK. Not great, but OK. The new packaging and formula are good, and it was almost like they were two different products. Now remember, of course I am only speculating that the formula was changed, or perhaps I learned how to use them better. Also, the lids on the new colors seems to be easier to remove and put back on, this may sound trivial but I don't like fidgeting with something that can spill all over my bathroom!!

Overall I don't have issues with these, the dark blue in the old packaging fades off of my lids from time to time, but since I learned how to use these, I love, love, love them!

If ultra shimmery and glittery shadows aren't your cup-o-tea, you will probably want to take a pass on these.

Swatch time

The old colors that I have no names for. You can see how sheer the first three are.

Old packages without the sifter
Metallic mid-toned pink, and a metallic medium to dark blue.

More old packaging, you may notice that the red shade is different, this was a limited edition Christmas shade from about three or four years ago. It only contained .7 grams of product! :(
Shimmery teal, a dark yellow-gold with green duo-chrome(FANtastic) and metallic red-orange.

Sparkling Gold (glittery yellow-gold) and Ultra Violet (a slightly pinked purple color with light purple duo-chrome). Sparkling Gold is so sparkling it almost broke my camera! Haha

Antique Green(brown base with intense green duo-chrome) and Blackstar Blue (blackened blue base with blue duo-chrome)
These can be purchased at your local Rite Aid store, or at this address;

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