Monday, January 10, 2011

Orly Haul

This haul was from a while ago, and as far as I know these colors are still available online. I will link to them at the end of this post.

Keep in mind that all of these shades have fabulous glitter that is ridiculously difficult to capture. I have provided close-ups of the bottle, and swatches. Click to enlarge any of these pictures!!

Enjoy! :)

Winter Wonderland
A milky off-white base infused with tons of white chunky/small flaky glitter and micro glitter.
This polish is from the "Tis the Season" Collection.

Galaxy Girl
Purple-ish plum brown base color with teal reflects. in some lights it's plummy, in others is brown. Lovely.
This polish is from the Cosmic FX collection.

Lunar Eclipse
An intense medium bright blue with purple reflects. The reflects are much more intense than my camera could pick up. Amazing, though.
This polish is from the Cosmic FX Collection.

It's Not Rocket Science
A darkened acid green with teal reflects, when swatched it comes off a touch orangey. Really interesting.
This polish is from the Cosmic FX Collection.

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe
A dark foresty green that leans slightly blue toned, with Medium green and greenish-yellow reflects. The green and yellow reflects almost counteract the blue tones of this polish.
This polish is from the "Tis the Season" collection.

So I finally own all of the Cosmic FX collection, you know, it only took me forever. haha
Either way, I purchased these because they are different from anything I own.
That's my new mantra when it comes to purchasing new nail polishes, they have to be different in some way to what I already own. Otherwise I'll have to make up an excuse to justify my purchases ;)

If you see anything funky in the land of nail lacquers, let me know!

Orly Cosmic FX Collection can be purchased here.
Tis the Season and Cosmic FX Collections can also be purchased here

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