Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My Konading supplies arrived last week, and I'm super excited!

Konad is a nail art stamping system that consists of metal plates with laser etched designs, special polish, a scraper and rubber stamp. How it works is the special polish is applied to the metal plate on the design of your choice and the excess polish is scraped off using the scraper and the design is then picked up on the rubber stamp and then quickly applied to the nail.
The designs can be layered and combined with other things like stickers, rhinestones and glitter.
For more info visit this site: www.wowsocool.com

Now for the swatches!

This is my first attempt at Konading. I used plate m14 and the black and white special polish. The special polishes are super thick and cannot be used as regular nail polish as they do not dry. This is why they appear so clearly and pigmented on the nail. The polish is instantly dry after stamping.

You can use other polishes if you like, but I definitely recommend playing around with it first. Thick polishes with a cream finish, and metallic finishes work the best. My base color here is Sugar High by China Glaze, and in the background you can see that I broke my thumbnail off! D:

The black special polish smearsssssssssssssssssss all over unless you use a thick topcoat and work gently. I had no issues with the white smearing or anything. Cleanup of the process is slightly messy and the black is yet again unruly. I ordered my Konad from Amazon from the seller Beauty Knockout. Amazon lets you get more bang for your buck since this seller offers most of the Konad line for half off.

RIP thumbnail! Uhg terrible.

Anyway, I'm loving this and need a better set up for it than using my trumpet case on my bed haha.

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