Saturday, February 26, 2011

Manicure of the Day- China Glaze Crackle: Broken Hearted

More Crackles! I love these, they have infinite possibilities. :D

I'm wearing Broken Hearted over Sun Worshipper from the Summer 2010 collection.

Sun Worshipper is a neon shade, so it dries matte. That's partially why I selected it as my base color. Mattes dry very quickly, and since I'm impatient, that works for me.

The odd thing about what happened with this combo was the crackle actually cracked my base color so you can see my nail underneath. I'm wondering if it's because Sun Worshipper is a matte... who knows. I'll experiment further with mattes as base shades. It's not incredibly noticeable, and it doesn't bother me because these colors together are just so fabulous.

Broken Hearted is a wee bit on the thick side. But not very difficult to use. It gets streaky but evens out slightly as it dries. Top coat also helps to conceal those lines. It cracks perfectly, of course if you use a thin coat it will crack more. I'd say I used an average coat. Heavier coats will result in less cracking.

Right hand. I'm not sure what else to say besides, YAY! I love pink and orange.

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