Saturday, October 2, 2010

Orly: Space Cadet

Normally I hate Orly. It makes my nails break, stain, crack, and peel. But when the Cosmic FX collection came out, I got really stoked. These polishes are infused with mineral, and glass particles to give them their unique shimmery, glittery, and duo-chromatic effect. I only purchased one, as they are mighty expensive (At Sally Beauty they retail for $8.99 a bottle!).

This is INCREDIBLY difficult to photograph. So I suggest checking them out in person if you're interested!

Space Cadet is a pinky purple polish with gold and blue-ish teal duo-chrome. Spilled oil comes to mind. It was love at first sight.

I absolutely hated how small the brush was for this polish, so I had a hard time making the coats even, especially on my larger fingernails. This is partly why I did three coats of it, to ensure even application.

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Anywho, these pictures are of three coats of nail polish on top of one coat of Nail Magic's Botanical Nail Strengthener, and two coats of Out the Door Top Coat. Whew, that was a lot of work.

You can better see the duo-chrome here

I wore this for a few days, and didn't experience chipping (Only when I was spraying some cleaner and my finger slipped), Just slight tip-wear.
Overall I love the way this polish looks on. I may purchase a couple more shades!

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  1. oil-spill def explains the look lol, so pretty!


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