Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tiny Bare Minerals Haul and Review

A couple weeks back I went to Bare Minerals and purchased two new eye colors. I'm fully addicted to their products, especially the eye shadows, so I had to have more. Each of these retails for 13$ each. Which isn't bad considering the cost of some company's loose eye shadows. *cough*MAC*cough*

At any rate the two colors I purchsed are Angel, and Purrfect.

Angel is a matte mid-toned pinky-purple.
The application isn't as smooth as I'd like, but I'll cope just because it's such a fantastic shade. It goes on a bit chalky, but not so much so that it just flakes off. I'm thinking that a sticky white colored base for this shadow would make the ease of application increase ten fold.

Purrfect is a lovely tarnished gold color, a tiny bit of a green hue. Very glittery, and pigmented. Ease of use on this is very high, smooth application, and very blendable.

I absolutely love Purrfect, Angel is good too. But out of both, Purrfect gets my vote.

As always I adore Bare Minerals. They have some amazing products, check 'em out!

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