Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Manicure of the Day - China Glaze Crackle: Cracked Concrete

Holy alliteration!!
Anyway, I have only a few more crackles to show off and I used the black over a really fantastic neon pink (Pool Party) but like my last post the crackle polish cracked and separated my base color, and it looked like utter garbage. I chose not to share it because it was really that bad. 

On to Cracked Concrete!
I used this over 5 Golden Rings from a holiday that was released forever ago. It's a nice soft glittery gold, I thought it would be an interesting combination.

Cracked Concrete is a medium gray and applies the same as the rest of the crackles. At some points I felt like I was using way too much but it's probably because my base color is so light.

This picture is a little more color accurate. It's not my favorite manicure, but it's different looking.

I think that this is a fun color, but it stumped me a little bit since I didn't know what to pair it with that wasn't black or white. To me the most usable colors are the black, pink, and purple. I haven't used the white or the blue yet, so we shall see!

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