Sunday, March 13, 2011

Manicure of the Day

Alright! So, I painted my nails a totally plain color last week. As plain as neon yellow gets, but in terms of designs and whatnot, it was plain. Until I got bored. I taped off my tips and painted them with the black crackle from China Glaze, Black Mesh.

And then I took it further.

I added Konad! Woohoo! I love this, it's totally 80's. It reminds me of acid washed jeans and off the shoulder t-shirts.

This is Konad plate m57 with the black special polish. I have to say that this is the funkiest manicure I've rocked in a while, and oddly enough, it really got no attention.

Left hand

Right hand
As my tips start to wear it looks more and more retro, dirty, and grungy. I just love it! :)

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