Saturday, November 6, 2010

China Glaze Twofor: First Class Ticket and Golden Enchantment

China Glaze's First Class Ticket is a lovely deep indigo color with teeny tiny blue glitter, and Golden Enchantment is a gold glitter with small rainbow glitter pieces in a clear base. Simply put, it's a glitter topcoat.

I LOVE purple nail polish, and I especially love purple nail polish with gold glitter over it.

I was pretty iffy on First Class Ticket when it first came out with the Vintage Vixen collection, but now I'm sold. The color is so pretty, plummy indigo with blue glitter? Yes, please! The application was fantastic. It could have been a one coat-er but I always do at least two coats of my nail color.

I've had Golden Enchantment for a while now, and I adore this over many different colors of polish. It's so multi-purpose, how can you not love it? It's very thick, and I like that. A lot of glittery polishes are so thin that you can't get anything out of them, or the glitter slides all over your nails. Not this. It goes on like a regular nail varnish. Awesome.

Blurry to show the glitter

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