Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nail Polish Haul (and a little extra)

A while ago I hauled some polishes and two eye shadow sticks. I'll do mini reviews of each of these. Some of these products I have or will be doing full reviews of.

Finger Paints Winter Wishes and Holly Good Time. Ok, is it just me, or do these colors absolutely scream fall? These are from the new Finger Paints Winter Dreams collection. Don't get me wrong though, these are fantastic colors, they just don't seem wintry to me. I have used both of these colors already and I love them. Winter Wishes is incredibly thick and bumpy when dry. Blah. It's still very pretty, though. Holly Good Time is on my toes right now. I didn't use a base underneath it, so I layered it enough to be opaque. I'd photograph it, but I doubt you all want to look at my toes! Overall, great shades, they're the only colors that grabbed me from this collection.

Orly Out of This World, Halley's Comet, and Glitz & Glamour. The first two are from the Cosmic FX Collection. I have not used Out of This World yet, but I have used Halley's Comet, I reviewed it here. Glitz & Glamour is from 'Tis The Season Holiday Lacquer Collection, and I will have a review of this color up in a couple of days, but I can say one thing, I think I have a new favorite nail polish! I'll be purchasing two more colors from this collection later on.

China Glaze Party Hearty. I'll be honest, China Glaze  is most definitely my favorite nail polish brand, but the last few collections have been pretty ho-hum for me. Especially the holiday collection, 'Tis The Season - to be naughty and nice (I know, clever isn't it?). At any rate, for the time being, this was the only color I wanted. And you can see why. I love glitter. I haven't used this yet, but I certainly will be doing a fabulous Christmas manicure with this.

Last, but certainly not least are the Palladio Shadow & Liner Herbal Crayons. The colors that I chose are Icicle and Raspberry. I have used these a couple of times. And they're alright. I'm planning a full review of these in the next few days.

Look out for my upcoming reviews, and until next time, have a good one

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