Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frugal & Fabulous: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

Welcome to my first installment of Frugal & Fabulous!
These posts will essentially be mini-reviews of things that I love that will only set you back 5$ or less!
The first product I'd like to cover with you is Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone Palette. This drugstore gem is 4.99$ at most retailers (and is cheaper at places like Walmart). And let's be serious, eight eyeshadows for five bucks is a steal to say the least. You get 8.5g/.3oz. of product.
I'll cover the shades left to right, top to bottom.
The first color is a light peachy champagne with subtle shimmer. This is marked as "Browbone" and I do use it in that area, but it does make for a nice wash over the entire lid.
Next is a silvery taupe shade that has a shimmer sheen to it, this is also marked as "Browbone". Now, unless you're very dark complected, I would not reccommend this for your browbone. This is one of my favorite shades in the palette.
The next shade is a light/medium goldy peachy shade. This is also shimmery, and is marked "Eyelid".
Next is a light mossy green with subtle silver shimmer. Marked also as "Eyelid", this would be a gorgeous wash of color all over the lid.
The first "Crease" shade is a light creamy brown that reminds me of coffee with milk in it. This is shimmery, and velvety.
The second "Crease" shade is a dark golden olive-y green with a lot of sparkle. LOVE this shade. This does best over a primer and a sticky base.
Next up is a "Definer" shade and it's a reddened chocolate brown with a lot of sparkle, similar to the last shade. I also LOVE this color. Go figure. ;) This also does best over a primer and sticky base.
Lastly we have the second "Definer" shade and this is a brown with a blue-green duochrome. This is a dupe for MAC's Club eyeshadow. It's a very interesting shade to work with, and can seem daunting, but it's totally gorgeous and would be bangin' on blue eyes.
Alright! That concludes my first installment! I'd like as much feedback as possible about the formatting and content! Thanks for reading all, and have a great day!

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  1. even if i didn't know you from Facebook, i'd be compelled to read your blog if i were to stumble upon it. your writing is passionate and enjoyable, even if i have no interest in makeup. you must write a book!


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