Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Lip Balms Under 5$ Combined!

Pucker Ups Coconut Lip Balm- 4.2g/.15oz for 1.49$ (On sale for .99 at Sally Beauty)
Chap Stick Apple Cider- 4g/.15oz for .98 at Walmart
Chap Stick Chocolate Truffle- 4g/.15oz for .98 at Walmart
Sooooo, You might be noticing the ounces... Yeah I don't know how 4.2 grams = .15 ounces and 4 grams = .15 ounces at the same time.
Moving on!
Ok, I go on these ridiculous kicks where I buy lip balm like it's the currency of the new world. Either way, the weather has been absurdly brutal in my small part of the world.
Pucker Ups Coconut Lip Balm. These little gems are on sale at Sally Beauty until the end of this month for .99 cents. You really can't beat it! They have a decent assortment of flavors from coconut, watermelon, aloe and pomegranate.
The coconut is my favorite, and is super moisturizing. This has aloe vera and vitamin E in it. The scent is light, so it's not super overwhelming. The product itself is fairly soft, but not so much so it leaves chunks all over your lips. It lasts a long time on my lips, but honestly, I reapply a lot. :-) I just love the smell! 
Chap Stick's Apple Cider is from their seasonal release, but I spotted a ton of these at my local Walmart. I love Chap Stick. I've been using their mint medicated balm for a bazillion years, and I absolutely swear by it. But THIS. Oh my. This is delish! It's a light apple cider smell, again not overwhelming. The product is a little on the stiff side, but works into the lips nicely. Since this balm is a little bit stiffer it lasts longer on the lips. I adore all this fall, as I am a fall baby!
Chap Stick's Chocolate Truffle is also a seasonal product, but again, I saw sooo many of these left over. They also have Candy Cane, but yuck. However, if you love peppermint, you better scoop some! Anyway. The scent on chocolate truffle is like the smell of hot chocolate, not really truffle-y.  This is also a little stiffer, but works nicely into lips, and last a long time.
I apologize for the late post, and I hope that three balms for the price of one blog post makes up for it!
Thank you for reading, and have a good day, guys!

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